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Name:Faith Shippers
Website:Faith Shippers on LJ
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Faith Shippers
Welcome to [community profile] faithshippers a livejournal community devoted to Faith Lehane from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series. This community focuses on Faith-centric pairings. We accept fanfiction, fanart, fanvideos and discussion about Faith-centric pairings.
We only have a few rules at [community profile] faithshippers.
01. All posts must be related to Faith-centric relationships, wher conventional or unconventional. Crossover pairings are acceptable.

02. All fanart, fanfiction, and fanvideos should be under a lj-cut. Fake cuts to other journals are okay.

03. All fanart, fanfiction and fanvideos should be appropriately rated and contain proper warnings and spoilers in the case of the Season Eight comics.

04. Discussion is more than welcome as long as it remains on topic.

05. Please do not flame or bash anyone for liking a different ship than yours or for having a different point of view. This community welcomes all Faith-centric pairings, including het and femslash pairings.

06. Advertising is not allowed in the community without prior permission from a mod.
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